Master Your Competition Riding

Vanessa doesn't hold back in sharing with us what it takes to be successful at a competition. In this series she shares the highs, the lows, the strategies and the discipline that goes into getting those tops marks. Watch first hand Vanessa riding through her competition tests with voice over of what she is doing along side the judges marks. Discover how she warms up each horse individually for the tests along with what she packs in her truck for these long competition weekends. A jam packed program to really help you master your competition riding.

36 video lessons (4h 0m)

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Amanda Littlejohn | Whanganui, New Zealand
"Recently I've been watching Vanessa's online training programme. I found it packed full of valuable information presented in an interesting concise way. It's easy to follow, and I particularly like how you can choose your topic and it gets straight to the point with some very helpful tools. Vanessa's eye for detail is very impressive, nothing slips past unnoticed!"
Velsha Seaborne | Victoria, Australia
"I have been loving these videos. I miss training with Vanessa in Australia, so these videos are a fantastic tool to keep me going and focussed. I love Vanessa’s straightforward approach where she can break things down and give you pragmatic way to work through. I love her exercises, and her insights to training are fantastic. I also love love how she delivers it in her fun and “tongue in cheek” kiwi style ... love her".
Christine Sievers | Victoria, Australia
"I have to say the videos are fantastic! I love them - they are so inspirational and valuable, not only the horse training ones but also Vanessa’s mental approach and mindset to the dressage training. She has given so much of her knowledge on and off the horse. Her witty sense of humour and analogies are so refreshing and make it all the more enjoyable. It’s also a breath of fresh air to see the training with all the bits that aren’t so perfect as that’s what dressage training is honestly about and our job is to keep chipping away at improving it. In these times of uncertainty around the world and no international travel for clinics, it is so timely to have Vanessa “with us “ everyday if we like. The purchase of the on line videos was super easy and I love the login with Face ID -too easy. My favourite videos so far are the f/changes: mindset and setting goals. I watched the f/changes one over and over and my husband had a chuckle about the Mirrors/husband comments-he did pay for mine too😘 After watching the canter Pirouette one I went out to ride with so much motivation and had the best and fun ride and my horse really fed off my enthusiasm".
Heather Gee | Victoria, Australia
"I am loving the lessons with Vanessa. She gives such wonderful insight into training and competing, but at the same time the common theme is to enjoy your riding and love your horse. Thank you Vanessa for being so generous in sharing your knowledge, experience and the joy of being able to train these wonderful animals".
Lisa McGranaghan | New Zealand
Hi everyone, I’d like to say that I thoroughly enjoyed watching the training videos with Vanessa Way. Even though Ive trained with Vanessa Way for the past 3 years there were still so many tips and exercises that were new to me that I could utilise in my everyday training. I love the way that everything is broken down and uncomplicated and best of all the training system works. The training videos are inspirational, fun and keep you motivated. It’s a must have for every dressage rider, it covers everything from level 1 to the higher grades, so much content and hours of viewing. I’m looking forward to applying it to my next lessons 😁 Onwards & upwards
Barbara Chalmers | Otago, New Zealand
These are very easy videos to watch and pick up some tips. I love the layout with subject and time slot menu so you know how much time you need to view. The short, subject focussed clips makes it easy to take the time for a quick learning session, concentrate and not have the focus wander. It’s great seeing real time training and issues sorted with down to earth Kiwi humour. Vanessa has vast experience with developing many horses successfully through the levels so there’s something for everyone here, and reasonably priced. Good job team!"
Nikki Griffith | Blenheim, New Zealand
I’m really enjoying Vanessa’s lessons & finding them super inspiring! I especially appreciate the pieces where she explains 'your leg should be doing this & hands do that’ I also love that she can get the information across in such a fun relaxed way & it’s definitely a joy to watch talented riders on stunning horses! Thanks so much Vanessa for sharing all your knowledge & putting these videos together.
Carrisa Flavell | New Zealand
Hi just like to say these videos are so informative and helpful, I have been struggling with the changes and with Vanessa’s top exercise has made everything very clear and easy to understand. I look forward to watching more
Hess Stoltz | Auckland, New Zealand
Thank you so much to Vanessa and Dressage Horse Training for putting these awesome videos together! Vanessa’s style of training is so empowering and she breaks movements and exercises down into easy to understand steps that I can easily translate to my own riding. It is great to see an honest training session with good bits and not so good bits, reminding us that we all face similar challenges in our training. I love that it is all topped off with a good dash of humour! A fantastic tool with videos that I will revisit time and time again along my dressage journey.
Sonia Gardner | Gisborne, New Zealand
I just want to say the DHT program is amazing! I have only watched a couple of Vanessa Way\'s videos so far and they have resonated with me so much in terms of the mindset, putting in the hard work and especially her comments about thinking that someone else could do a way better job with your horse & feelings of holding the horse back or not seeing it reach its full potential - I have recently been in that position and her advice has really helped me. So thank you. Sonia
Dee Vodden | NSW, Australia
Hi Nicola I’ve done the DRT 1 program (well, most of it anyway 😝) and recently purchased Vanessa Way’s lessons on the new DHT platform. It is fantastic! For the price of about 1 physical lesson, you provide all that content which I can watch again and again - it’s great value. And as for Vanessa specifically, I love the way she trains and the way she articulates it on the videos. I’ve only watched the early ones so far, but her tips have already been really useful. E.g. spending time establishing the crest flip with Rocky. I took the time to do that with my 4yo the next time I rode her, and after doing so we got a much better inside leg to outside rein connection, and I found she could do her baby leg yields and baby shoulder-fores so much better. Also I loved the ‘renvers’ exercise for training changes. They’re a while off for this horse, but I look forward to trying at some point. Thanks Nicola and Vanessa, for an excellent training product 👏 Cheers! Dee & Snip
Anita Rickey | Victoria, Australia
The program has been most helpful so far and I haven’t even watched all the videos yet ! I like Vanessa’s down to earth approach and how she explains the exercises so they appear easy. I also like how she encourages a slow approach with the youngsters including lots of hill work and trails. I’m really happy with the program, even though I’m not out competing because training my horse is building a great connection and as Vanessa says, that’s what’s it’s all about.
Sarah Stone | Waikato, New Zealand
This is a great resource. I loved it! I have always enjoyed Vanessa’s approach, but after this I’m a huge fan!! Her program has a positive approach to training and her messages are informative, practical, encouraging and fun. My take outs were to practice my test riding more!! To look at a selection of tests and find the common issues to work on. That’s gold! Its so easy to just meander through your dressage journey, be on a high with a good percentage and a downer with a less than desirable score. Thinking of Dressage as a sport and positively analysing performance to make improvements is a much more practical way to approach the dressage journey, and I’m sure will produce better results. I loved the teaching videos. In fact I stayed up late and watched them all in one go. I am currently stuck at level 4 because I haven’t been able to get clean changes. I’m eagerly trying Vanessas training method with these. The other thing that I found really important was not to stop training the change during comp season. It really is a great resource for people and I hope you get lots of great feedback. Here is a picture of Gracie and I at the prize giving of the WEC winter series. Our first set of flowers.... I think she felt special. :-) Sarah Stone
Sara Stone | Illinois, USA
I’ve enjoyed watching some of the videos by both Jody and Vanessa. Jody shared her knowledge of horse psychology, in addition to tips on motivating a sluggish horse and develop self carriage using the half halt. Vanessa reminded me about the fine points of lateral suppleness through shoulder in, traverse/renvers. Both of these trainers are well informed, intelligent and thoughtful. They share a light hearted, affirming attitude that helps me feel optimistic about my young horse’s training!
Fiona Sharp | Southland, New Zealand
Hi the videos are concise and give specific exercises to do to improve your training. Very good quality sound and picture. Humerous and Practical
Linda Gray | Victoria, Australia
WOW 🤩 I love the videos. I have improved my canter walk transitions. The flying change exercise really worked. Vanessa has a lovely straight forward way of explaining something. Best investment I’ve made in a long time. Thank you Nicola and Vanessa
Debbie Bowd | Lincolnshire, UK
Yes I have managed to get through the videos, well I couldn’t stop watching, as they are so informative and well put together. This has answered a lot of questions as you see the professionals riding you always want to know how much training it takes to be that good. What they focus on and the way they do it. Your videos are easy to follow with lots of tips. You can then go and apply it to your riding which makes sense. Thankyou. I love them. This has given me the confidence to ride for that higher score when I apply this training so I can make my dream happen to ride at Grand Prix. I started on my welsh Cob and got to Advanced Medium and so I got a Sandro Hit yearling last year which will take me to the next level. I will have lots of fun training so lets get riding and training.
Ceri Johns | Australia
Loving both programs. There is so much to absorb!! I will admit it’s info I have heard before but hearing it put different perspective gives lot haha moments.
Fae Leffler | Ohio, USA
I started with Vanessa and just Really enjoyed how she is so generous with her tips and techniques ! My horse Generaal (Jazzx007 ). Can be a bit unpredictable and has a very athletic sideways 180 Jump spook .. It made me loose confidence however I am back on track . Listening and watching V ride through the spookiness and then saying how she loves that type of horse really made me feel positive about my guy .. he’s very talented and well breed so I have to up MY Game to honor him ... The way she breaks down excercises like the half pass and lead change is really great! Also hearing about how she has clung to this lifestyle beyond the adversity and setbacks is really inspiring ... I’m 57 yr old and sometimes question myself as to whether I should just toss it in ... but these videos have really given me the resolve to hang in there ! I can’t imagine not riding ... it’s ingrained in me ... but good help is so hard to find .. I work alone with very little access to help so for sure this is just Awsome for me ! Money well spent !! Thank you so much 😊
Wendy Satara | New South Wales, Australia
I have watched about 3/4s of them, some 3 times! I love the walk pirouette one, so many small tips to really squeeze the marks! I love the step by step approach, it helped my score on the weekend for sure! I love the focus on precise marker to marker movements and the hindquarters pushed into corners, that really helped prepare for next movement! For the cost of lesson and fuel I have nearly 5 hours of very clear and useful information! I would like to see for myself more about adjusting extended trot or preparation for extended trot without getting frame too open and long. I'm more than happy with Vanessa's presentation and content.
Judy Doyle | Outback NSW, Australia
Hi Guys. Loving Vanessa videos. She is so down to earth, I can really get her sense of humour warm bloods or naughty types. Also have broken my back and pelvis in multiple places and my left leg/knee full of pins. So I understand her horses shifting her to the left. I’m constantly adjusting myself. More tips on that please. Also on square halts which we don’t seem to do easily. I love my mirrors as well!!! Best training tool Judy Doyle, Outback NSW, Australia
Liz McKay | Auckland New Zealand 🇳🇿
Thank you Nicola and all involved in creating DRT & DHT. I was super impressed with the DHT Vanessa Way videos. They were well communicated through exceptional teaching skill, easy to understand and follow. I have a young horse in the beginning training stage so having visual and clear instructions delivered with clarity and passion has been both inspiring, motivating and has delivered results.
Kathryn Buchanan | Taranaki, New Zealand
Hi Nicola I am thoroughly enjoying Vanessa’s informative videos.I have learnt some great ideas to help with training and have watched the walk pirouette video at least ten times hoping some of it will sink in that I can put into practice.Really looking forward to watching a particular video and then trying to replicate the knowledge on my horse.
Debbie Gould | New South Wales, Australia
Absolutely love the program! Each time I watch the videos I find something else to work on. Excellent tips n exact movements, such as when doing the walk pirouettes n training the changes, has been a godsend. Walk pirouettes have been the bane of my life!!! And shoulder fore, my god why have I not been riding in shoulder fore? Would love to hear more from Vanessa on overcoming certain problems eg. keeping your horse in front of the leg, how to keep the pole up especially on a horse who likes to travel behind the vertical n tips on how to be a more quieter rider. I will certainly be interested in any future programs Vanessa launches so keep me posted. Thank you.
Lisa Joyce | NSW, Australia
Hi Nicola, Thankyou for your email & the opportunity to give a review. I’m thoroughly enjoying Vanessa’s training series! A Full & comprehensive program leaving no stone unturned from young horse to Grand Prix, with the philosophy of creating a happy athlete throughout. There are so many “gold nuggets “ in there that are shared from wonderful exercises to troubleshooting tips for when things don’t go to plan! I couldn’t recommend this series highly enough for anyone wishing to further their training. A wealth of knowledge & experience shared with a common sense & down to earth approach. Thankyou Vanessa!
Kelly Hambleton, EC High Performance Dressage Coach | Richmond, BC Canada
Hi Nicola, Yes! I have watched some of the videos. Not all yet ;) I’m really enjoying them so far. I have a 7yr old that I’m training up the levels. I’ve ridden to GP in the past and am hoping to get this one into the FEI levels as well. Vanessa breaks things down well and I appreciate her approach to training. I’d love to see some videos in the future that include working through common problems. ie. How does she deal with horses that run away after flying changes? Horses that sit too much or lose activity when asked to collect? I look forward to seeing more of the videos! Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures of my horse and I at the moment. Will try to get some. Kind regards, Kelly
Megan Robinson | New Zealand
Hi there Nicola, I just wanted to say thanks to Vanessa for her training videos and tips. They are just super. And I am really enjoying them!. So easy to understand. And being able to go back and look over them again and again is super. Some great training aids. I compete as well as do some lessons so these videos will be very beneficial towards us achieving some of our goals in the future. Thanks very much
Susannah Doyle | Chiltern Victoria Australia
Vanessa’s training videos are easy to watch and use on the arena the following day. They are a valuable addition to the training toolbox. During this Covid time in Australia, when travelling, coaching and competition are a bit ‘stop start’, it is SO good to have this reference. Thank you for making them available.
Megan Soellner | Victoria, B.C. Canada
I absolutely love Vanessa Way’s dressage training video’s . She explains the movements so well. I really enjoy the online clinic because I can watch it and go back and review. When the pandemic ends maybe she can do a clinic in Canada.
Becky Corlett | Stratford, New Zealand
I’ve just returned to riding after 10 months off due to a difficult pregnancy and these videos have been invaluable for me. I had felt as though I was starting from square one, but having concise videos to remind me of what I should be looking and feeling for and how to achieve it has given me the confidence to get me and my horse back to where we were in a very short time. As a visual learner, being able to see exercises performed has really helped my visualization when riding. I like how these videos break down movements at a fundamental level, so you can build on each video and movement using the foundations Vanessa gives you. I also love the attention she pays to movements that we often forget about yet so easily lose marks on. I’ve really enjoyed watching the series and have already started rewatching them. By incorporating her exercises and tips into my schooling I have seen real results and feel more confident identifying where weaknesses in our movements are.
Andra Mobberly | Wairarapa, New Zealand
Hi Nicola - I really value Vanessa emphasis on theory. As the non-riding eyes on the ground participant, understanding the correct positioning of the horse for lateral movements, for example, is invaluable. The more detail about what is correct the better!
Ally de Moor | Auckland, New Zealand
I found the course with Vanessa so incredibly helpful in the way I train my horses. I loved how she would always back up what she said with a reason why and how this would benefit the horse.
Peggy Harder | Salinas, USA
I have watched several of the lessons and have gained useful training advice. I have a five year and after watching Vanessa realized I need to up my training. He is a 15.2 Andalusian gelding that is very athletic. I also have a 17 year old Andalusian mare that is quite talented in piaffe passage but it has taken me several years to teach her flying changes. Watching her instruct the whole process of the changes was greatly helpful. She did perfect single changes that day. I was so happy. I find watching Vanessa ride and describing what she is doing to be very helpful. The lessons are clear and precise.

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