Inhand Work For Dressage Horses

Learn the basics of in-hand work when it comes to training dressage horses

Jody runs through the importance of basic aids off the horse in her video ‘Inhand work for dressage horses’. She explains why it is important to get the foundations in place on the ground before applying them under saddle.

Inhand Work For Dressage Horses

Why in-hand work matters

One of the biggest reasons for ensuring your in-hand work is up to speed is safety. A horse on averages weighs around 500kg + and add personality and unpredictable environments you have an accident waiting to happen. So getting your clear communication in place is vital.

Clear concise aids are what keep you safe on the ground. Mix messages and unclear signals create confusion and confusion in a horse can be demonstrated in a number of unwanted behaviours.

So before you add in unpredictable environments like competitions it’s important to make sure that your communication with your horse is clear, both on the ground and in the saddle.

How in-hand work relates to dressage

In dressage, the goal is that we are teaching our horse to move off the slightest of aids. Everything from leg yield, piaffe and your balanced square halt at the end of each centre line.

As a rider, we are communicating with our horse how to control their body. From the horse’s shoulders, through to hindlegs and we need to do this in a way the horse understands.

Everything from your body language through to your whip aid or balance in the saddle can be considered an aid. The positioning of your aids on the horse’s body can create a world of difference.

This is why working your horse in hand initially to learn to control the horse’s hind leg, shoulders and the horse’s step, moves later on to more advanced movements like rein back and pirouettes.

Its a must to develop for young horses learning new aids and the work you do in hand will greatly improve the work you do in the saddle later.

How to do basic in-hand work for dressage horses

Jody runs us through step by step in her online training program ‘The Principles Of Horse Training’. Learn how to do basic in-hand training for dressage.

She breaks it down and explains in detail how to apply the aids when teaching the horse from the ground a new movement.

Jody is fabulous at explaining how horses think because often we assume horses are like humans. However, in fact, they aren’t. They think entirely different!

This is really important to understand when you are training your horse so that you can do it in a fair and kind way.

In this video, she demonstrates the first two basic principles to install first when training a horse in hand. These are forward and back and why she likes to check these first with any horse she trains.

Here is a snippet of the video ‘Inhand work for dressage horses’ where Jody runs through the basic teaching of in-hand work with her young dressage horse. She explains how each part then relates to a rider being under saddle and more advanced movements.

To access her entire series join us here and take your Dressage Training to a new level by learning from the best. We hope you enjoy it.

Get access to the full video plus over 4 hours of Jody’s teaching with her online training program ‘Principles Of Horse Training.’

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