Equitation Science – Use Of Signal + Cues

Learn how to apply signals and cues correctly based upon the principles of equitation science.

As an Equitation Science practitioner who specialises in coaching and lecturing in Equitation Science both in New Zealand and globally. Jody has a fabulous way of breaking things down and teaching us how horses learn and think.

Her particular interests are in foundation training, retraining problem horses and in dressage. As part of her Principles of Horse Training program, Jody explains to us all about how best to apply your aids so you can do so in a way that the horse can under stand.

Equitation science practitioner

10 Principles of Horse Training

Within her program she discusses the 10 principles of horse training, with the correct use of signals and cues being the 9th principle.

She relates it to dog training and how we seem to understand training dogs often better than horses. However horses too need a similar approach in their training.

By making your aids clear with one question and one response you make life easier for your horse to understand and a much happier horse as they learn too. Too often riders mix messages, not on purpose but just by learning a about timing and how horses think you can make your messages much clearer and easier to understand.

Learn all about timing of your aids and what sort of aids to apply and teach your horse. Here is a snippet of the video from Jody’s online training program, The Principles Of Horse Training.

What is ESI?

Equitation Science International (ESI) is a nationally accredited training centre dedicated to improving horse training using an evidence-based and ethical approach.

Directed by Dr Andrew McLean, Equitation Science International and its graduates are paving the way for a more modern and ethical approach to horse training and coaching that can be easily understood and applied by horse riders of all ages and levels. Read more about it here

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